When ever summer comes to the UK all of us never want it to end, without question the UK is one of the best countries in the world to be when summer hits. I think Cornwall is the number one place to spend summer and the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy the last of the sunshine.

When the summer is drawing to a close a lot of us are already starting to think of autumn, taking the wooly jumpers and hats out of the wardrobe in anticipation for the cold chill that’s on the way. I think you should make the most out of every season, so here is why everyone loves Cornwall in the late summer.

It’s Warm

Cornwall is lucky to be situated in the very southern part of the UK, that’s lucky because it means the weather is very mild, even when a lot of the country are freezing. As autumn approaches you can expect to find the temperature being around 60 degree Fahrenheit, being close to the Atlantic means that there’s often a lovely sea breeze. One of the figures I love most about Cornwall is that it gets over 1540 hours of the sun every year, (I’ll do the math here) that equates to roughly 4.2 hours of sun each day – everyone in the UK will take that.

Water Sports

When you’re sunning yourself on the beach a nice cold beer is a great way to cool off, but I think the best way has to be water sports. Cornwall has a huge coastline, so there are plenty of locations to get out and enjoy the water. Surfing is a pastime here in Cornwall and the good news is that there are spots for all levels – Newquay, Polzeath and Bude are world renowned spots for surfing. If you’re a bit of a novice like me then Watergate Bay is the place to try first. If surfing isn’t your thing then why not try your hand at wake boarding or sailing.


I mentioned the huge coastline above (it’s the longest in the UK), on this coastline you will find a plethora of great sandy beaches with beautiful clear water. You don’t have to fly off to some far flung location to feel the sand beneath your feet and the sun shining down on you! There’s everything from the major tourist beaches to great little secluded ones – who doesn’t like to be beside the seaside? Penzance is always my go to spot, make sure you check it out!

One of the best campsites in Cornwall has to be Perran Springs, I definitely recommend that you check these guys out if you’re planning to visit Cornwall. It’s a super place, family friendly and also pet friendly too! Here are the details:

Perran Springs Holiday Park





3 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Cornwall