Motherhood is considered as one of the most beautiful gifts, in all parts of the world. While few new-mothers pick some traits and tips from their own mothers, others learn to deal with kids daily. Motherhood can be the hardest job ever, but it is also one of the jobs you just do not want to give up on. Here are the ten things motherhood teaches you about yourself:

You are Powerful

You are never fully sure of what you can do, until you become a mother. For instance, childbirth teaches you about your ability to handle pain and your strength. But at the same time, it teaches you that you can love another tiny human limitlessly. Being a mother indeed shows you that you are powerful beyond measure as you can follow your dreams while nurturing those of your kids.

Unconditional Love

When you have a kid, you feel loved in an unconditional way. For example, it could happen at times that your kid will tell you that she/he hates you, but still your love for them wouldn’t lessen. You start feeling emotions in another way, and you see life in another perspective. Also, motherhood inspires you to spread the love as you would love your child to live in a happy, peaceful and loving world.

Handling Emotions

As adults, people often hold onto grudges or pain, and abstain themselves from letting go. However, as a mother, you learn to handle your emotions just like your kids do. When it comes to children, they could be laughing now and the next minute, they are flooding the room! Kids do not hold onto things that made them cry and they just feel it in the moments, and let go the next minute. That is how they teach you to move on, and not to hold onto past grievances.

Appreciation of little things

The simplest and smallest things have the power to awe kids. Some of the things that make them happy might be things that have been forgotten by yourself, as you grew up. For instance, your kid could be amazed by rainbows, airplanes or butterflies. Watching their excitement while seeing these things for the first time, will teach you to learn to appreciate these again. In a way, your kid awakens the child in you.

Positive and Negative Encouragement

The best way to help your child grow and prosper is to give encouragement, whether they do something good or bad. You should not go blindfolded when it comes to discipline, however you could teach them in the smoothest way possible that there’s sanction for bad and rewards for good. This is of utmost importance if you want to raise your children as respectful and responsible. Let them know that they have been disappointing but do not let them down, and teach them how to do it the good way next time.

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5 Things Motherhood Teaches You About Yourself