It is becoming increasingly popular for artists to showcase their talents but themselves these days, they do not simply hand it over to an agent to do all of the work for them. With art galleries having a very tough time in the current climate, it is becoming increasingly difficult for artists to put their work in galleries. The galleries are now stream lining the number of artists that they put on show which is understandable given that revenue has decreased. So, if you are an artist that wants to get their work out there and get the general public interested, then the best thing for you to do is to have your own art exhibition. It might seem like a lot of work, but trust me when I say that it will all be worth it in the end! You will feel such a sense of accomplishment when you do it and it may even propel you into a local gallery. Every artist in whichever genre should try to work for the ground up and establish their name. If you are considering having your very own hanging art gallery then I have noted down some great tips that will breakdown the process and help you along the way. If you are an artist that has done this in the past then please do add your comments below this post. So, whether you are having your first exhibition to make some money, build awareness of your art, to have fun or just to prove to yourself that you can achieve it, here are the tips that everyone should follow.

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Always get insured

First things first, before you do anything you must make arrangements and then purchase liability insurance, you must do this before you even think about approaching a potential venue to discuss your plans. Remember that if anything gets damaged during the exhibition then you yourself will be liable for the costs incurred. This is a very important point if you are going to be showcasing artwork that is not your own, imagine if something happens to another artists work and you have to fork out for the bill? All of your hard work will have gone to waster. Purchasing liability insurance is very straight forward, there are some insurance companies that will offer you cover for a while year, even if you make a one off purchase.

Choose the venue wisely

When you are doing your first exhibition you will more than likely be on a tight budget, you want to test the waters first before you go over the top on a lavish venue. If you have a limited budget then the best places to start are restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. Usually these venues will benefit from your exhibition because you will be increasing their foot fall whilst your exhibition is running. If you can persuade the owner about the amount of people that will be visiting and I am certain that you will get the space for free. Remember to think of the clientele, are they people who are in a rush? You want people who eat or drink in the venue to have enough time to appreciate the art.

A beginner’s guide to holding an art exposition
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