Celebrities who bring fashion and glam to the bingo hall

A bingo hall is a woman’s territory. Indeed, studies reveal that 80% of the world’s 10 million bingo players are women. It is, thus, not surprising that female celebrities who patronize charity bingo events have brought the world of fashion closer to the card game. These famous women have not only put glam and flair to the bingo hall, but also converted the red carpet into instant fashion catwalks.


Two of the high-profile celebrities who have conquered the bingo red carpet with glitz and glamour are international fashion icon Kate Moss and model-actress Denise van Outen. Aside from being regarded as a world supermodel, Moss has been known to play this popular card game. According to her best friend Sadie Frost, Moss even spends her Saturday nights playing bingo with her closest relatives. As a benefactor of charity bingo galas, it’s not surprising to see Moss show off the fashion symbols that made her unique in recent years like Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots, a Louis Vuitton Sprouse leopard cashmere scarf, and an Alexander McQueen skull scarf.


Meanwhile, Denise van Outen is another iconic celebrity who has graced bingo balls for a cause. The 1999 Rear of the Year honoree can always be spotted playing the card game in any of the bingo clubs in her hometown of Essex, and is believed to have tried to convince her radio co-hosts at London’s Magic 105.4 to play the game at her own club. In low-key as well as high-profile bingo gatherings, she usually flaunts her signature black leggings, studded tote and gladiator sandals – accessories that bear striking similarities with those of the mascots of online bingo sites. With its plethora of deities, bingogodz.com is home to many of van Outen’s fashion look-a-likes, where she may have finally found a match in goddess Afroditty’s ‘golden’ gladiator sandals.   There isn’t any good fortune associated with wearing fashionable clothing in bingo events. But the preferences of Kate Moss and Denise van Outen have shown how bingo should be done: playing as if one’s already a big winner.

Famous women playing bingo in flair
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