Most new moms know how busy life can get after having kids! Your new little human needs all the attention you have to give, and it can feel like your own well-being has to take a hit. Where can you find the time to take care of yourself in between feedings and staying up all night with your little one? But it’s so important to take care of yourself and get back in shape after you have kids, because staying fit will help give you energy to keep up wtih your new baby. It’s not impossible to get back in shape; in fact, if you make it a priority you can be back to your pre-baby body in no time. Check out these super easy workouts for new moms:

Circuit workout

A great workout you can do in your own home includes a variety of cardio and weight-lifting activities to help your body shed calories and pounds. And you can even do it with your baby in the same room! First, invest in a few light dumbbells and find a space where you can move. You’ll want to incorporate a variety of cardio moves like jumping jacks with powerful squats, pushups, situps and dumbbell lifts to change up your muscle groups. This workout will leave you feeling strong and energized. Don’t forget to pick up a great sports bra for all that jumping around!


If you can find the time to sneak away for an hour or two, a yoga class is a great way to create a lean and limber body while developing muscle strength and burning calories. And even if you can’t go out to a class, there are plenty of apps and websites you can use to get a great yoga fix, if you have a mat at home. Yoga is great for people of all levels and body types, and on top of the physical benefits, it gives you great mental calming as well. Try wearing some great yoga shorts to get you motivated to go workout! Sweaty Betty has got lots of great apparel options for your workouts.


Who says that you have to leave baby at home to go out for a workout? Get a great jogging stroller and you can bring your little one out for some fresh air and exercise. Jogging is a great way to get together with other moms for some activity, or just go out on your own and enjoy the park or jogging trail. Invest in some high-quality jogging shoes to protect your body from impact.

How to Get Back in Shape After Having Kids