For many women, the subject of buying lingerie can be touchy, or even uncomfortable. Many of us want to feel sexy and know that wearing great lingerie can make us feel sexy, but we feel silly or extravagant going out of our way to buy it. But the fact is, we all deserve to feel like goddesses and feel wonderful in our bodies. Here are some tips to buying the perfect lingerie for you:


 Get Sized

If you don’t know your size, it’s really hard to find lingerie that fits well and makes you feel like a sexy goddess. You can either measure yourself at home, have a friend help, or let one of the pros at the lingerie store help you out. Most shop employees will be happy to measure you and help find you pieces that will fit your body type. Be aware of whether you are pear-shaped, curvy, narrow, etc because this will affect the best kinds of lingerie for your body.

Get Stylish

There are so many different styles of lingerie out there, so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone a little bit and try on something that you normally might pass over! Think about what excites you and your partner, and go for a style that might feel new and exotic. Different materials can add a different vibe to your experience together, such as silk, satin or even leather. But the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing, so if you’d rather feel more casual and sporty then rock that look! There are plenty of options out there to satisfy whatever you’re looking for.

Think About Where to Shop

When it comes to where to buy your lingerie, you have all sorts of options available, some literally at your fingertips. Shopping in the retail store is the best option for really feeling which pieces fit you, but if time or convenience is an issue there are plenty of online retailers as well. The best option is if you can shop at an online retailer for a store that you’ve shopped at their actual retail location. This way, you know your size and the types of pieces you like, but can enjoy the convenience of buying online. In no time, you can order a cheap sexy corset from right from your living room!

Think About Color

If you always go with the same color of lingerie, try mixing up your wardrobe with some splashes of bright color. Red, white and black are popular options but change things up with some fun patterns as well. Keep in mind that if you’re blonde, you’ll look great in black and pastels, and brunettes really rock rich blues and reds.

How to Buy Lingerie