So you’ve just been to the optometrist because your vision has been a bit blurry, and they’ve just told you that you need to get glasses. What?! This is going to totally mess up your look, right? Actually…no way. Forget everything you’ve heard about glasses only being for nerds or geeks! Eyewear is completely fashionable and you can consider yourself lucky to be getting in on the trend. From sunglasses to regular glasses, eyewear is a major trend at the moment, so the only question is: how soon can you get your hands on a pair?


What’s Trending Now?

Whether they actually need glasses or not, people are flocking to the eyeglass stores to pick up a pair of frames to highlight their fashion sense. Right now, some of the trends include polarized lenses, bright colors, mirror lenses, cat eyes and even glitter. Sunglasses in all bright colors are especially popular right now. You’ll see a lot of retro chic as people are wearing cat-eye frames in all different shapes and sizes. People are often buying regular glasses with clear frames, just to achieve the look that wearing glasses can bring. So if you actually need them for your vision, don’t see it as a bad thing! Rock your new look and take advantage of the many styles out there.

How to Select a Frame For Your Face

The general rule for choosing a frame is that you should select something different from your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, choose a frame that is square or geometric for contrast. You wouldn’t want to pick out round glasses! But sometimes it’s unclear exactly what your face shape is. In that case, you should ask yourself how well the glasses are fitting on your face. Are they sitting too heavily on your cheeks? Bad fit. Do they extend too far off the sides of your face? Bad fit! Make sure the glasses feel good when you’re wearing them and they compliment your features. They shouldn’t fall off your face if you move your head up or down. You can also take into consideration your hair color, and whether the frame color compliments it. Check out all the glasses at Stanton Optical in Palm Springs, FL for some great options.

How Long do Glasses Last?

Generally, if you take good care of your frames they should be able to last you several years or more. But if the lenses or frames are scratched or peeling, it might be time for a new pair. It’s a good excuse to update your eyewear wardrobe, anyway! It’s a good idea to add a new pair of sunglasses to your wardrobe every year just to keep your fashions current.

Follow these simple tips and you will be looking fab in no time at all! Remember not to rush, you’ll be wearing your glasses a lot so be comfortable with what you choose and go for a pair that make you look like the star you are.



How to Find the Perfect Glasses