If after watching the video I posted above and the others that are on offer afterwards you are not inspired to travel to Mexico then I am sure a few words will convince you!

If you have been to Mexico then you are fully aware of just how great it is, it just leaves you wanting to come back time and time again for more. There’s something here for everyone, whether you want to chill by the beach, explore ancient ruins, visit vibrant cities or go trekking in the jungle you will be able to find it in Mexico!

Whenever I speak to people that have been they always talk about how good the food is, sure Mexican food is tasty back home but when you get to eat it in the place where it was created then it simply blows you away. You won’t taste quesadillas or nachos and guacamole like this anywhere else, ever!

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Once you’ve finished loading up on some amazing good at breakfast it’s time to head out and explore. One of my favourite things was visiting the ancient Mayan ruins, there are so many archaeological sites that it really is quite difficult to see them all in a month. Of course if you want to relax then you can head to the Caribbean coast where you will find fabulous blue waters and sweeping sandy beaches.

After doing all of this you will have had your fair share of interacting with local people, this is where Mexico really wins your heart. Without doubt the Mexican people are the happiest and friendliest that I have ever met, I don’t know what’s in the water but I want some! Every day you head out and you just feel welcome, there’s always someone smiling or willing to chat. With the sun shining, the locals smiling, beautiful beaches, historical sites and menus to make your mouth water, there’s really no reason not be heading over there very soon!

Mexico: The place where dream holidays happen!