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If you are planning a trip to Cornwall you have made a great choice. It is without a doubt one of the most desirable locations in the UK to visit, especially given its rich history. This article will talk a little bit more about planning your next trip to Cornwall, so sit back, relax and enjoy.


There are many great campsites in Cornwall, as well as many hotels, and bed and breakfasts.  It really is a diverse holiday destination in terms of accommodation and there is surely something to suit everyone.

Where is it

Cornwall is in south western England and lies right next to the Celtic sea and the English channel. From London it is about a 5 hour drive to Cornwall.

A few things to do


Beaches are a huge drawcard of Cornwall and it really isn’t hard to see why, there are many beaches with a very high sand and water quality that are unmatched in the UK. There are more traditional style white sand beaches than the other parts of the England have. Some great beaches to visit are Godrevy Beach, Praa Sands Beach and Perranporth (Penhale Sands).

Tintagel Castle

This is the remains of a medieval fortification built by Richard (at the time the Earl of Cornwall) during the 13th century on Tintagel Island. The castle is often linked to the legends of King Arthur and many believe that this castle was the actual home to the historical King Arthur. This however is also debated by many, but the castle remains as a stunning viewpoint above the Cornish Coast and a good opportunity to see a medieval castle.

The Eden Project

This stunning attraction is highlighted by huge architectural domes that form their own biomes. Each biome is themed and contains thousands and thousands of plant species. It truly is a wonderful sight to see these biomes from the outside and in, especially the tall trees that almost reach the tops of the domes themselves. This site also offers native Cornish and English plant species in the outdoor botanical garden. Visiting this place is like visiting another world and is highly recommended, even if you don’t think plants are your thing.

Food and drink

Aside from the huge number of attractions in Cornwall, food and drink is a big part of the Cornish culture. It is considered by many to be some of the best regional food culture in all of England. Most famous of these is of course the Cornish pasty or Cornish ale, and these are world renowned for their exceptional quality and taste.


Perran Springs Holiday Park



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Planning A Trip To Cornwall
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