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It seems as though there comes a time when everybody around you wants to start a family. I feel lucky to have such amazing people in my life, and so I was happy to learn that some of them were about to become parents. When your best friend is about to be a mother, though, you experience all kinds of emotions. Sure, you might feel a little sad or even anxious that you are losing her to her child. It is important to remember that, while your friend is becoming a mom, she will never stop being special to you. It is your duty to look after her right now and help her on the path to motherhood.


Understand her emotions

Let’s face it – you can never understand the emotions of a pregnant woman. Your friend is about to embark on the most important journey of her life. It is no wonder, then, that her head is all over the place. When your friend wants to cry for no reason, you need to let her. Give her a massive hug and tell her it will be alright (even if you don’t know what is wrong). If she wants to go on an enormous shopping spree, go along for the ride and help her choose baby clothes. You might not understand why she does these things, but you need to be there to help her through them.


Give her some space

Pregnancy tends to make people quite grouchy and moody. Don’t take it personally if your friend doesn’t want to see you for a few days. Her moods are not a reflection on you or even how she feels about you. Give her some space and let her call you when she feels that she needs you. You need to be patient with her right now. Remember, she needs your support and love, and so you need to give it to her.


Buy her little surprises 

One of the best things about knowing a pregnant person is that you get to go shopping. There are thousands of beautiful things you can buy for a mother-to-be and her newborn baby. For example, you should see these personalized baby gifts. They are available online along with a whole lot more. When you buy something special for your friend, it will show her that you care about her and her child. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but getting some small gifts could make a world of difference to how your friend feels.


Talk about parenthood

The prospect of parenthood can seem intimidating to people. Your best friend might look calm on the outside, but she is likely to be freaking out on the inside. That is okay. Chat with your friend about the future and what will happen when the baby arrives. You can offer helpful advice or tips to make the whole thing easy on her. I have found that sometimes, all people need is someone who listens to their fears.


Help her baby-proof the house 

When people are about to have a baby, there are loads of things that they need to do. If you want to offer practical help to your friend, you should help her baby-proof the house. This chore will take a whole day to complete. You should go around to your friend’s home and offer your services to her. You don’t realize how grateful she will be for this seemingly small gesture.

The most important thing to remember now is that you need to be there for your friend. If you don’t have children, you might think that you have nothing to offer her, but that is not true. She needs your support more than ever, and so you just need to be there for her. After all, she would do the same for you if you were pregnant, right? Of course, she would!

How To Support Your Pregnant Best Friend: No-Nonsense Advice