Weddings are always an exciting time, especially if it’s your own. While many people might dread being invited to a wedding due to the cost usually expected to be put out on getting there, staying the night if necessary and the gift to the new couple, it’s still exciting and an honour to be included nonetheless. If you’re expecting to attend a wedding or two in the coming year and you’re stuck for a gift idea, here’s a short guide to gift ideas that will really impress the bride and groom, and their families!

Paying For An Aspect Of The Wedding Or Honeymoon

When it comes to finding the right gifts, sometimes the ideal thing to do is to offer to pay for some aspect of the wedding or honeymoon. In fact, there are websites today that act as a gift registry but for the couples honeymoons instead where you can purchase an excursion for them, dinner, a night in the room at their hotel/resort etc. You could also choose to pay for something like the venue, the dinner, their Surrey wedding photographer or the DJ. Every little helps a couple when they’re getting married, especially with the high costs of many things the minute the word ‘wedding’ is mentioned.


Cash is always a great gift and can go towards anything the couple need or want whether it’s kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, new bedding, decor for the home, or even something as monotonous as bills. They can even put the cash towards their honeymoon if they’re having one or paying off the aspects of their wedding that are still outstanding when the big day arrives. So in short, cash is often a great idea for every couple, regardless of whether they have lived together or not beforehand. Gift cards work just as well and can be given for almost any store such as Homebase, Argos and more so they can pick what they need most.

Something Unique And Handmade

Still not sure what you should give a couple getting married? If you’re talented in any way why not put that talent to use and make them something truly unique and handmade. It can be an excellent way to show how much you care when you spend the time to make something like a blanket for their bed or draw or paint a picture of them to hang in their lounge.

So there you have a couple of excellent ideas for wedding gifts that should help you pick the perfect one for the newlyweds. Hopefully this guide will alleviate some of the stress associated with weddings overall so you can go and have a great time at the party, watching two people tie the knot.

Surviving Wedding Season – Great Gift Ideas
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