The shows which you can see on Broadway differ greatly in theme and it currently has one of the richest varieties of show options anywhere in the world. Today we are going to take a look at some of the most romantic shows which you can catch on Broadway, the perfect night out for you and your partner where you can watch outstanding performances of love and passion. There are a large number of shows across the theaters on Broadway which are dedicated to love and romance and here are just a few of our favorites which we think that you should check out.


Waitress is playing in the Brooks Atkinson theater and it is truly a heart-melting show which will leave you wanting more. The story is heavily inspired by the Adrienne Shelly movie of the same name and it recounts the story of Jenna who is a waitress and a fantastic maker of pies, who dreams of one day leaving behind the small town and the loveless marriage which she has found herself in. This is a beautiful show and if you want to see it then head online for deals on tickets to see Waitress on Broadway.

Pretty Woman

This musical interpretation of the famous movie by the same name featuring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts is a heartwarming tale which will suit anyone looking for a romanic show to watch on Broadway. The story begins with a woman who works as a call girl, who dreams of one day lifting herself out of that life. After an appointment with a wealthy client their lives become betwixt in a tricky situation of love and social attitudes. The songs are brilliant, the acting is outstanding and the ending is… we’ll leave you to find that out for yourself. Find Pretty Woman at the Nederlander Theater.

Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera very much set the bar for what romantic musical should look like and despite it being over 30 years old, it has a timeless feel about it. The story follows Christine the singer who has an ill-fated love with the phantom, who is consumed by bitterness. This tale of love, hope and self-loathing is the longest running show on Broadway and when you see it you will understand just why it has remained such a huge hit for such a long time. Phantom is currently playing at the Majestic Theater.

My Fair Lady

At the Vivian Beaumont Theater this year you will have the chance to see a reboot of this classic musical which has wowed audiences for many years. My Fair Lady is the story of humble Eliza Doolittle who seeks to find love with the charismatic Henry Higgins, and all of the events which may lead to their eventual happiness. This reboot has gained rave reviews and it has both respected the original piece whilst giving the show some much needed modern twists.

If love is in the air, these are the shows which you need to go and see on Broadway this year.

The Best Romantic Shows on Broadway