Do you love spending the afternoon in the garden? Can you be found on the weekends at the garden store, dreaming about the next things you’re going to plant and grow? You might be a garden diva! Gardening is more than a pastime or a hobby – it’s an art. And if you love gardening, you might be interested in these top tips for more effective gardening!

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Make your own compost

You don’t need to go out and buy compost, because making your own recycles the materials you need to get rid of anyway. Start out with kitchen, yard and garden debris and you’ll find that it makes a great addition to the soil, plus you put your waste to a second use. Spreading compost around plants helps to ward off disease, and it helps improve the soil structure no matter what type of soil you have. Compost can also help bring old soil back to life once it’s been subjected to years of chemicals. You really can’t go overboard with the stuff!

Feed the soil… Not the plants

It doesn’t do any good to try to feed plants directly. You need to feed the soil, which will then in turn nourish the plants growing in it. Plant health depends on healthy roots, which depend on healthy soil for air, water and nutrients. When plants are in good, healthy soil, they seldom need fertilizer.

Check the soil pH

For healthy grass, you might want to get the pH levels of your soil tested. Just because your dirt looks rich and black, doesn’t mean it’s the right pH level to grow healthy grass. So if you find your grass looking like it’s dying, this could be the fix. Take samples of the soil and send them to your local extension service for testing. And once your grass is healthy again, keep it well-trimmed with Pat’s Small Engine. Their mowers will do a great job of keeping your lawn looking healthy and well-kept.

Use shredded mulch

You can find several kinds of mulch at the garden store: shredded mulch and rock mulch. But most plants grow better with shredded mulch, because rock reflects heat back into the plants, which can compromise their growth. So opt for shredded mulch, which holds moisture better and helps the plants stay cool.

Use mulch around trees

Using mulch around the base of your trees can help protect them against mower wounds. A 2-4 inch layer of wood chips or shredded bark will protect the base of the tree and provide an optimal growing environment. Put a layer of mulch around the tree base instead of letting the grass grow right up to the trunk.

Take note of these tips and they will make sure that the inner garden diva in all of us will have the garden that we always wanted. Having a great garden adds so much to how much we love our house, looking out of your window and seeing a beautiful garden that you have built is such a good feeling. You will be wishing the winter months away so you can spend time in the garden once again.


Top tips for garden divas
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