When it comes to weddings, it seems these days less is more. While many people are opting for more intimate ceremonies and parties, others are jetting off on destination weddings to far flung beaches with just their nearest and dearest in tow. If this sounds like something you’d prefer, check out our mini-guide to the perfect intimate wedding.

Dress Is More

Every bride knows that the dress is a huge, important part of her day. But who wants to spend those high street bridal shop retail prices when it comes to wedding dresses? Sometimes costing upwards of hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, a dress for one day can be a huge budget breaker for the bride with the smaller plan. Instead, why not consider ordering your dress online from retailers overseas, such as JJs House – a Chinese company which does not skimp on quality or style for the low, low prices. Be blown away by the detailing for the price and save yourself a bundle on a dress as gorgeous as on the high street.

Fewer Bridesmaids Equals Less Expense

Many brides with smaller budgets are looking to have less bridesmaids than before – usually one (or none!). It not only cuts back on potential expenses for the bride and friends (and groomsmen too), but likewise it also adds less stress in having to organise everyone on the day. Not needing to get thank you gifts for people or provide payment for dresses goes a long way as well, saving the bride-to-be even more money at an already expensive time.

A More Cosy Hen/Stag Do

While many girls and guys want the far flung exotic hen or stag do, it can be a colossal expense with flights, hotels, food and alcohol while you’re away. Even if you do a weekend in Prague, the costs will still be in the hundreds of pounds when you could opt for something closer to home, more cosy and intimate such as a private dinner with your closest friends, a spa day, a night out on the town in your home city or something like an craft night or road trip to a nearby town or city for an evening out.

Dinner Delight

While many people think a wedding has to have full table service and twelve course meals, nothing could be further from the truth. Many weddings these days are going with ‘family-style’ service – where bowls of food are brought to the table to be shared, or buffet style. Consider getting a delicatessen or local restaurant to do your food for you – they’re often able to cater to your needs and desires with ease – especially if they’re local and independent they’re more likely to be flexible.


One thing you don’t want to skimp on is the photographers. Getting a Manchester wedding photographer doesn’t have to be hard, and with so many different packages to suit your budget, this is definitely an area you want to focus a larger portion of your budget on so your day is immortalised for years to come!

So there you have a great mini guide to the perfect intimate wedding – aside from the venue. With so many great venue options though, you will have no problem finding the perfect intimate setting – whether it’s in a friends garden, your own home, a restaurant, repurposed ancient barn or the like. So good luck on planning the perfect small wedding and enjoy your day!


Wedding Planning – Tips And Ideas To Help The Blushing Bride To Be
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