Are you planning a wedding for 2019 or 2020? If so, you might be wondering just how you might go about making sure you take care of every little detail. While planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, with so many little things to take care of it can be stressful and daunting as well. Here we’ve broken it down into easy chunks for you to look at the whole picture easier with less stress so you can enjoy every moment leading up to your big day.


Where do you fancy getting married? In your hometown, in the next county over? Somewhere entirely new? The location will often dictate the type of wedding you have with the general rule being that the further away it is, the less people are likely to come. If you want a private ceremony with only your very nearest and dearest, consider a destination wedding in the likes of Mexico, Hawaii or Mauritius. Otherwise, why not look closer to home to some of the counties in the UK, such as Devon? With a great Devon wedding photographer you can really capture the true essence of the countryside as a beautiful backdrop to your special day.


Fancy or casual? Big or intimate? Depending what you want from your day will dictate the venue. From elaborate manor estates all the way down to repurposed local tithe barns, there are so many varieties of venues for both the ceremony and the reception that you may find it daunting. Castles with their exquisite grounds are always popular choices for many couples with the castle often offering catering services too, in order to keep everything nice and simple.


The food is often one of the things that makes or breaks a reception and if there is something that goes wrong, it’s often with the food. While many venues such as estate homes, castles and hotels are likely to provide catering services, there are certain venues which will let you choose either your own caterer or select one from their list of preferred vendors. If you’re choosing your own, many people are going with smaller luncheon style buffets in order to save money these days, especially for more intimate style receptions.


The music is always one of the biggest points throughout the reception – from the entry music for the bride and groom and the bridal party all the way up to the final dance of the night. Some people have begun to choose to make their own playlists on their iPods and play it through speakers in very small receptions where there isn’t necessarily a disco after the dinner. Meanwhile, many other weddings feature a full scale dance, complete with dance-offs, if you dare.

So there you have a couple of great suggestions to help get the ball rolling on your wedding planning details. With so much to keep track of, hopefully this will help you keep things straight!


Wedding Planning – Tips And Ideas To Make It Easier
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